Hello there, my lost internet sheep!

You got here, but how did you got here? You must be asking yourself while you your brain collects itself from this very shock. Well, the owner of the site you were looking for pointed his domain to mine, for some reason. I have clues as much as you do - none. Oh well, the internet is a very strange place, you just looked for something (I know it's porn btw), but ended up here, on my domain, litteraly. I intended this piece of a file (or shit, same thing) to be as a little joke with my sister but never crossed my mind that it would be publicly accessible like this so i never bordered to delete it. Now out little joke has it's own freaking domain and is first on google search because of it! I don't mind, even if it looks like the site previously on that domain probably hosted porns that you were looking for. I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am, and neither of us care about finding out, so i won't bore you anymore.

But, anyway, here is the original joke, pretty boring, huh? I agree, but do watch anyhow, it's just basic manners when your enter someones domain uninvited.----------->

With love, Strahinja , I have hair now, btw

Cao Andjela!